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Waiting for Normal

Are you waiting for the kids to go back to school? Yeah, me too. Are you waiting for a little space because your house is a little more full these days? Umm… me too. Are you waiting to see what

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Screen Addiction

Screen addiction is real. It’s affecting our kids and family dynamics. Several of my clients tell me they are struggling with it. They feel a tremendous amount of pressure to answer texts right away and to keep up with what’s

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Dallas, TX ~Here I come!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been invited to speak at the inaugural Festival of Positive Education in Dallas, TX this summer! It’s a three-day event for educators, academics, policymakers and parents who seek to help create a new

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The Power of Perspective

Don’t you wish your kids could wrap their heads around Captain Jack’s wise words and understand that they actually do possess the power to improve the outcome of whatever it is that’s challenging them? It’s really just a matter of

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It’s Not About the Shoes

On the 4th day of school, one of my kids, who usually doesn’t tell me much of what goes on at school, shared something with me. We were sitting down to one of those perfect “family” dinners, where everyone talks

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I’m Optimistic! What’s Your Superpower?

Rewind to December 2014. Life Coach for Kids was only 9 months old and was I was in full swing doing individual coaching sessions with kids and public speaking engagements for parents. I had grand plans to start my blog

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