What Parents and Teachers are Saying:

“Heather is an inspiration to all, but especially to our 17 year old son! He set some great goals and reached them (actually shattered them!) with her help. I could never thank her enough for everything she has done for my baby boy! We love her to the moon and back!”

Jennifer G.   


“We met under distress and and challenging times for our family. Heather’s heart and passion were so appreciated. Both my daughter and I felt validated and comforted. She helped us and was most instrumental in one of our turning points. We can’t thank her enough.”

Melanie D.   


“We lucked out when we got Heather Medford as my son’s 4th grade teacher. She had an amazing way of connecting with him, not only to teach the required curriculum, but to go well above and beyond to shape his character and outlook on life. I was regularly impressed when my son would tell me what he learned each day. He would often skip over the reading, writing and arithmetic and instead surprise us with something like a famous quote about positivity. He would bring home topics that created interesting family discussion. He would teach us things that I had been trying to teach him. This was all sparked by Heather’s natural teaching style and genuine care for her students.

I was thrilled to see Heather start her coaching business, so my son could get more exposure to her teachings and ongoing coaching after 4th grade. He attended her first workshop series on positivity. The class exceeded both his and my expectations.

I really can’t say enough about the incredible influence Heather has had on my son. I encourage all parents to expose their children to Heather….the more, the better!”

Jason H.  


“Within weeks of working with Heather, I noticed my student making better choices and a big improvement in his attitude.

4th Grade Teacher, Beacon Cove Intermediate   

What Kids are Saying:

“Thank you so much for everything! I feel like I’ve grown as a person and matured. I’ve also been a lot better at using my words to express myself. I feel so much better and happier, too since working with you.”

Jake 11th grade

“Mrs. Medford taught me how to express my feelings. I also learned to be honest and nice and and to react calmly when people are mean. Mrs. Medford is so nice. You should try a class, like I did.”

Julia 4th grade

“I liked when we talked about positive thoughts. I learned to be thankful for what I have.”

Jake 5th grade

“The (positivity) class has helped me solve problems. It was also a lot of fun!”

Lainey 4th grade

“Mrs. Medford taught me how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. All you need in life is love and happiness, with the power of positivity, you get both.”

Cooper 4th Grade

“I loved the (positivity) group and making new friends. I learned how to get over problems.”

Anthony 4th grade

“I enjoyed when we talked about complaining, because I used to complain a lot.”

Ryan 4th grade

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