Screen Addiction


Screen addiction is real. It’s affecting our kids and family dynamics. Several of my clients tell me they are struggling with it. They feel a tremendous amount of pressure to answer texts right away and to keep up with what’s happening on Snapchat, Instagram and other social media. Believe it or not, a few of them are actually relieved their parents have restricted their phone use.

When parents set limits, or even take it away altogether, it gives them an “out.”  This is a great first step in helping kids learn to set their own boundaries. I’m helping one client in particular (14 year old)  figure out how he will manage being inundated with texts and constant communication when he gets his phone back. He is admittedly much happier without his phone, but he realizes that it would be difficult to not have it all together. Now  he’s ready to set some boundaries, so he can feel less stressed and more happy. Talk about feeling empowered!

It’s safe to say, you’ll probably get some resistance at first if you restrict your teen’s screen time, but you might be pleasantly surprised by  his adjustment to the new structure. You’ll probably notice a better mood and dare I say, possibly even an admission that he is actually happier?? Well…. let’s not get crazy. I do think your child will be happier, but him admitting it… might be a long shot.

There’s some good info in THIS ARTICLE, along with some suggestions on how to limit screen time and set a good example for our kids. Yep… YOU might need to make a few changes too. I have some work to do in that department as well.



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