I’m Optimistic! What’s Your Superpower?

IMG_4084Rewind to December 2014. Life Coach for Kids was only 9 months old and was I was in full swing doing individual coaching sessions with kids and public speaking engagements for parents. I had grand plans to start my blog and offer a fantastic group coaching opportunity for parents of middle schoolers.(Coming soon, by the way.) From the very beginning, I had faith that I was offering a much needed service and that I’d be a happy and successful Life Coach for Kids within a year. I have to say though, It happened faster than I could have ever dreamed! Then, on December 22nd…things came to a screeching halt! My entire world would be turned upside down, and I had a decision to make. Do I lay down and cry, or stand up and fight?

By December of last year I was receiving calls and emails from parents all over the state of Florida wanting to know if I could work with their kids, and I was just one client way from having to put local kids, here, on a wait list. My head was spinning with new ideas for ways to reach out to even more kids and families. The momentum was both rewarding and exhilarating, yet overwhelming all at the same time. I had never felt to happy and fulfilled. I had truly found my passion and purpose.

Life was good! Big plans ahead! I was just about to embark on my happiest, most successful year yet! I had even declared so on Facebook! Hold on…..Wait….What? It’s three days before Christmas as I lie on the biopsy table, pretty sure about what the diagnosis would be. Please note… I am a ridiculously optimistic person, sometimes to the point of adorably annoyingly optimistic, but this time… I just knew. I said to the doctor, ”Don’t sugarcoat it. What do you see? I can take it.” I fully expected the words that followed, “It looks like invasive, inflammatory breast cancer,” she said. And there it was, even though the tissue had not yet been tested, It became very real. Now, I was pretty sure it was cancer when I found the lump about two weeks earlier, when I had a shooting pain, that sent my hand directly to my breast. (Insert a HUGE “thank you God” for bringing this to my attention.) I would soon learn that time was of the essence and 6 rounds of chemotherapy would start ASAP, followed by a bilateral mastectomy (my choice to do both breasts) and 34 rounds of radiation would be necessary. As the magnitude of the words…invasive…inflammatory…cancer…set in, I began to sob, while still on the table. This was the first and only time, throughout the entire ordeal, I cried tears of anything other than good tears. I know that sounds crazy, and as I write this, I’m on the other side. The all clear, CANCER FREE (yes, I’m yelling) side. I tell you this so it seems a little less crazy that I only cried happy good tears. I’ve never felt so loved and supported in my life. That’s a different story, though, so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Fast forward to today. I have some hair, and I had the little bit I do have, colored last week. I’m feeling almost fantastic, just minus the radiation burns on my boob, and tomorrow is my last radiation treatment! But more importantly for you… I’m finally getting my blog started!! Can I get a Whoop! Whoop!? I’ve had a bazillion (okay, not quite a bazillion) ideas for things I want to write about over the last few months, and I’m super excited to finally have the energy to do so! And since I know you must be on the edge of your seat wondering… did I lay down and cry, or stand up and fight? Well, you probably figured out, my decision from day one, (after I finished my initial sobbing session) was to stand up and fight. I now have more experience ( lucky me, ha!) with what it’s like to have  difficulties, disappointments and challenges. I looked at them as obstacles to overcome and opportunities for growth. I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m back! I have a fresh perspective on life and the things that really matter. And…. I’m (still) optimistic! What’s your super power?


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