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“Grateful for You, Your Seminar and Your Insight.” A Letter that Touched my Heart.

I’m sharing something dear to my heart. I treasure this letter of gratitude from a local mom, who attended a free parent presentation I hosted last September. Her letter is beautiful, authentic and vulnerable. Months ago, I asked her permission

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Who’s your BULLY?

Who’s your bully? Most of us have one. First, let’s define it according to Google. (Sophisticated, right?! Haha) Bully~ (noun) a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Have you ever considered that

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Welcome to Life Coach for Kids!

My passion is to help kids reach their full potential and happiness. In today’s plugged in, peer pressured, standardize tested, fast paced world, kids are faced with challenges, fears, and obstacles that can prevent them from reaching their full awesomeness.

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