Welcome to Life Coach for Kids!

My passion is to help kids reach their full potential and happiness. In today’s plugged in, peer pressured, standardize tested, fast paced world, kids are faced with challenges, fears, and obstacles that can prevent them from reaching their full awesomeness.

If you think your child could be happier, more successful or just more relaxed, initiate a conversation with your child. You might see something that neither of you can quite put your finger on, or verbalize yet. That’s okay! I can help with that.

Coaching isn’t offering advice, or trying to “fix” something from the past. It’s questioning. Specific questioning that helps the client, in this case kids, figure out what their goals are and what’s preventing them from reaching their goal(s). Then we map out a plan to help him/her reach their goals.

Goals can be academic, social, personal, creative… the list goes on. I look forward to inspiring you to help your kids be even more awesome than they already are!



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